New Release
Jul 25, 2022


New Features

  1. Added 2 Brand New Integrations  
    1. Amazon Seller
    2. Instagram Insights
  2. MySQL and MariaDB - Add option to specify port number SSH for
  3. PostgreSQL - Add SSH and SSL options for
  4. Shopify 
    1. Made major improvements on speed
    2. Added over 25 new dimensions and metrics
  5. TikTok Ads - Added Over 100 new dimensions and metrics
  6. Google Ads - Added new metrics Search Click Share, Conversions and Conv. value (by conversion time)
  7. Google Analytics 4
    1. Added new dimensions - Source, Medium
    2. Added ability to fetch custom metrics and Dimensions defined in GA

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix missing Custom/Standard conversions values in Facebook Ads
New Release
Mar 18, 2022


  • Added 3 more Facebook Ad metrics
    • Quality ranking (text)

    • Engagement Rate Ranking (text)

    • Conversion Rate Ranking (text)

    • Team invite will be sent on adding a new user to a team
  • Minor fix on Google Ads metric - Video Views
  • Added new feature 
    • Shopify custom apps can be used to add a data source
    • Credential expiry status in Data Sources
New Release
Jan 25, 2022


  1. Added Microsoft Ads integration

  2. Added new templates for data sources like Facebook Insights and Google Ads

  3. Added improvement in LinkedIn filters that will enable you to apply filters to fields without selecting them in metrics/dimensions

  4. Reduced data retrieval times significantly.

  5. UX optimized:

    1. Loads data much faster than before. 

    2. We have removed unnecessary loading screens that used to take a lot of time.

    3. We’ve also released some handy improvements like a new search bar in query and data source listing. 

    4. Added a feature that highlights the Keyword when a metric or dimension is being searched.

New Release
Dec 01, 2021


New Features

  1. Added Google Analytics 4 integration
  2. Added a new Template to analyse Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics all in a single Spreadsheet
  3. Most of all v3.0 brings in a lot of new improvements under the hood. All your queries will run much when run in a schedule, for example.
New Release
Oct 06, 2021


New Features

  1. Added Templates - You can now quickly create reports from our growing list of Templates. You can also add your Templates to our store and showcase your brand
  2. Added Ability to add SQL queries to get Firebase data into Google Sheets
  3. Added a public Roadmap 
  4. Added a public Feature Request page, where everyone can vote and speed up the next feature release in Two Minute Reports
New Release
Sep 28, 2021


New Features

  • Add ability to add more than 1 schedule per Sheet for all Users. Interested users need to enable 'Advanced Scheduler Access' in Team Preferences from the Account Section
New Release
Sep 07, 2021


New Features

  1. Add ability to add more than 1 schedule per Sheet (previously limited by Google) for select users in beta
  2.  Add feature to avoid Errors when running multiple long running queries for select users in beta
  3. Add option to see changelog from App
  4. Add new portal to manage Team/Users/plan/account - App Manage Portal

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix Website Leads data missing in Facebook Ads

New Release
Aug 27, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Facebook Ads values for Cost-Per-Action metrics

New Release
Jul 11, 2021


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Timezone issue in schedule/query logs
  • Fixed missing link urls in Facebook Ads Data Source