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New Release
28 November 2023

Latest Release (2023-11-28)

New Features

1. Cell References in Database Data Sources: Now, you can apply values from your Google Sheets cells directly to your SQL queries (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, or Cloud FireStore) making them more dynamic. Learn how to use this feature for each connector here:

2. Include data without insights option for Facebook Ads: Our new option allows you to get all campaigns, adsets and ads, including those without insights and with null values. Keep in mind: this may return a lot of data, so use it carefully based on your needs.

3. Dynamic Bearer Token option in API Bridge: Does your access token in API Bridge gets expired after a specific period? Our new feature automatically refreshes the token for you based on your specified refresh token endpoint. Learn more about this option here.

New Metrics, Dimensions and Report Types

TikTok Ads
DMA ID, DMA name
Profile visits rate, Landing page views, Focused views (6sec), Focused views (15sec)
LinkedIn Ads
Creative Post URL

Amazon Ads
Ad ID, Advertised ASIN, Advertised product title, Advertised SKU, Keyword, Keyword ID, Keyword status, Keyword type, Keyword bid, Targeting Expression, Target ID, Targeting type, Brands creative type
CVR (conversion rate), ACOS, 1 day ACOS, 7 days ACOS, 14 days ACOS, 30 days ACOS, 14 days ACOS (view-attributed), 1 day ROAS, 7 days ROAS, 14 days ROAS, 30 days ROAS, 14 days ROAS (view-attributed), 1 day CVR, 7 day CVR, 14 day CVR, 30 day CVR, 14 days CVR (view-attributed)
Google My Business
View source, View medium, Action type

Google Trends
Trend Type (For Related queries, Related Topics)
Rising percentage (For Related queries, Related Topics)
LinkedIn Pages
Post media URL
New Release
09 October 2023


New Connectors

  1. Google Trends - Now you can easily integrate data on the popularity of top search queries, query interests over time, and regional trends from Google Search directly into your Google Sheets and Looker Studio reports.

New Features

Do not force aggregate (Google Sheets): By default, we aggregate unique metrics like reach, unique clicks, and sessions to format your data according to your query. However, if you'd prefer to maintain the individuality of these metrics, you can now enable this option, and your unique metric values will be displayed as "UNKNOWN". Learn more about the feature in here.

New Release
17 August 2023


New Connectors

  1. YouTube Analytics - Dive into your video insights and analytics with ease. Try our YouTube connector and let us know your thoughts.

New Features

Timezone Selection: Easily handle time zone variations with the ability to choose the right one for your queries. Set a default timezone for your team or customize it for specific queries, ensuring accurate date calculations. Learn more about it in here.

New Metrics, Dimensions and Report Types

Link to contact, Contact owner ID, Contact owner name, Original source, Original source drill-down 1, Original source drill-down 2, First page seen, First referring site, First touch converting campaign, Last page seen, Last referring site, Last touch converting campaign, Date of first session, Time of first session, Date of last session, Time of last session, First conversion date, First conversion datetime, Recent conversion date, Recent conversion datetime, IP city, IP country, IP country code, Deal collaborator, Deal name, Deal description, Currency, Owner assigned date, Owner assigned datetime, Hubspot team, Deal type, Pipeline, Hubspot create date, Hubspot create datetime, Last activity date, Last activity datetime, Last contacted date, Last contacted datetime, Next activity date, Next activity datetime, Closed lost reason, Closed won reason, Original source type, Original source data 1, Original source data 2, Email address quarantined, First marketing email send date, First marketing email send datetime, First marketing email open date, First marketing email open datetime, and 48 more...
Event completions, Event Revenue, Page views, Avg page views, Deal probability, Closed deal amount
Instagram Insights

Profile engaged users
Facebook Insights

Page views, Page views (logout), Page views (logged in), Page views (logged in) (unique), Page total actions
LinkedIn Pages

Engagement rate, Lifetime engagement rate

New Release
7 months ago


New Connectors

  1. Amazon Ads - Monitor your Amazon Ad Campaigns
  2. LinkedIn Pages - Analyse your LinkedIn Page Insights
  3. HubSpot - Monitor your HubSpot marketing efforts

New Features

1. Merge new data with old (Google Sheets): With this feature, you won't have duplicate data when rerunning queries. This will not only insert new rows but also replace the old rows with the latest data fetched from the API. Learn More.

2. Team Resource Migration (Google Sheets) - We've made it easier for you to move your data sources, spreadsheets, and queries to another team when facing Unauthorized errors. Find out more here.

3. Ability to select Reporting timezone in Klaviyo - You can now specify the timezone you want to use when querying and displaying data from Klaviyo. Stay tuned for this feature to be extended to other supported data sources.


4. Limit Rows (Google Sheets) - Added new data option to limit the number of rows to display


5. Increased Hourly schedule limit to 10 per spreadsheet (for Pro and Business Google Sheets plans) - Now you can add more hourly schedules in one single spreadsheet.


6. ChatGPT: New feature to process columns of data in a single query. Added "Column wise" feature for "Process Spreadsheet data" option


New Models Supported:

  1. gpt-4-32k
  2. gpt-3.5-turbo-16k


7. Increased Page Speed Insights URL limit to 50 - Now you can include 50 URLs in Page speed Insight's Realtime Method.

New Metrics, Dimensions and Report Types

LinkedIn AdsServing locationeCPC, eCPV, Total conversion value, Conversion rate, Return on ad spend
TikTok AdsRegionGross Impressions, Total Engagement, Engagement Rate, Clicks on music disc, Duet Clicks, Stitch Clicks, Sound Usage Clicks, Anchor Clicks, Anchor Click rate, Clicks on hashtag challenge, Instant Experience Avg View Time, Instant Experience Avg View %, Cost per Complete Payment (Onsite), Complete Payment Rate (Onsite), Value per Complete Payment (Onsite), Total Complete Payment Value (Onsite), LIVE Views, LIVE Unique Views, Effective LIVE Views, LIVE Product Clicks
Apple App StoreProduct type, Product type descriptionInitial downloads, Re downloads, Updates, In app purchases, Paid app installs
Facebook AdsLink to promoted postCost per New Messaging Conversation within 7 days
Facebook Page InsightsCountry, Age, GenderPost video views paid, Post video views paid unique, Post video avg time, Post video views organic unique, Post comments, Post shares, New conversations (unique), Blocked conversations count (unique), Reported conversations count (unique), Post video ad break impressions, Post video ad break earnings, Post video ad break CPM, Total video ad break CPM, Total video ad break impressions, Total video ad break earnings
Google AdsCountryValue / conv. (by conv. time), All conv. (by conv. time), All conv. value (by conv. time), Value / all conv. (by conv. time)
ShopifyProduct category, Product category full name, Product URL, Product URL (Decoded), SEO title, SEO description, Product published date, Product published datetime, Product comparison price, Customer tags, Transaction ID, Transaction kind, Payment method, Transaction created date, Transaction created datetime, Transaction processed date, Transaction processed datetime, Accelerated checkout, Credit cardTips, Ordered quantity, Returned quantity, Net quantity, Gross payments, Refunded payments, Net payments, Transactions
KlaviyoTag name, Tag IDEmail bounce rate
Amazon sellerMarketplace name, Marketplace host name, Marketplace country code
Google Analytics 4Session manual ad content, User default channel grouping, Default channel grouping
Pinterest Ads
Amount spent (USD), Amount spent (EUR), Amount spent (GBP)
Instagram Insights
New followers count, Profile growth, Profile followers count, Profile unfollowers count

New report types in Google Search Console

  1. URL Inspection Report
  2. Sitemaps Report


New Report types in Amazon Seller

  1. FBA Manage Inventory Health Report
  2. FBA Inventory Storage Overage Fees Report

Deprecated Reports in Amazon Seller

  1. FBA Inventory Reconciliation Report
  2. FBA Daily Inventory History Report
  3. FBA Monthly Inventory History Report
  4. FBA Received Inventory Report
  5. FBA Inventory Event Detail Report
  6. FBA Inventory Adjustments Report
New Release
a year ago

v3.2.2 Update

New Integrations 🎉

  1. Apple Search Ads 
  2. Woocommerce 
  3. Klaviyo

New Features

  1. Conditional email - You can configure rules to trigger emails only when certain conditions are met. . For example if the Cost per lead goes below say $5, you can set a rule to trigger an email to alert your team. Be creative and there are many use cases for this. This will be handy when you want to set alerts based on flags you have configured in Google Sheets

  2. Query Updated details in Spreadsheet - See details of query runs, last updated, status, etc all within your Spreadsheet without opening TMR sidebar. See the sheet named "TMR Query Logs" for this. You can turn this off from My Account > Team preferences section.